Welcome to Local Store Marketing or LSM! LSM is a marketing technique that the retail industry recognizes as one of the most effective in terms of return on investment (ROI). It is often also referred to as “neighborhood marketing.” Well, at Buzz we have been into LSM so long we own the domain! Here you will find how our exclusive LSM Market Action Plan or M.A.P. can make a world of difference for your retail business.

Thinking Global, Acting Local, that is how we view LSM. Engagement and Brand Socialization is key, as all media is now New Media. Whether traditional print, outdoor, broadcast or online and the explosive mobile growth category, Brand and message integration is key. Is your brand and message integrated? If not, it’s time to talk Buzz for your Biz!

In the restaurant industry alone, eighty percent of business typically comes from within a three-to ten-mile radius of the location. What are your numbers? LSM focuses marketing efforts on drawing guests from within that area. Simply stated, Local Store Marketing refers to programs and activities planned around an individual retail business. While these activities can be customized to locations across the country or around the world, the impression is still the same, thinking global but acting local. In addition, with the high levels of turnover, our MAP program means you can measure the success of every promotional effort, while building a data base of useful insights to help fine tune your message across all marketing communication channels.

Buzz New Media’s M.A.P. provides an easy to follow roadmap for owners, operators, managers and personnel on how to plan and implement LSM activities. By integrating LSM into your marketing communications mix, Buzz New Media will help make sure your brand message and promotional efforts reach the maximum number of existing and potential customers. To learn more about LSM and cross-channel marketing give us a buzz or contact us today!